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Net Profit of Turkish Real Estate Keep Rising With Arab Interest

Net Profit of Turkish Real Estate Keep Rising With Arab Interest
As the living conditions keep geting better, the desire to live in Turkey geting more popular among foreigners. In 2012 mew real estate law passed and had a positive impact on the Turkish real estate sales. In rapidly growing cities there is a salient increase in real estate sales. Last year 123.000 properties were built in comparison to need of 100.000. Other than that Investors from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Germany and England have bought 37.000 apartments in total. Especially Arab investors have led their interest to apartments for sale in Turkey and seek secure places to buy property in Turkey. Most of the investor have made major profits and continued their investments. Due to increasing value of the apartments, making major profits in short periods of time became much easier for the investors. Also increase in value of US dollar against Turkis Lira hasn’t affect the property investment in Turkey, it has even led the investors to new opportunities. Experts stated that real estate sales will accelerate even more when a new government is established after the re-election in November 1st.

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