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General Manager of Turkish Airlines: Third Airport Will Be the Best İnvestment in Turkey for the World

General Manager of Turkish Airlines: Third Airport Will Be the Best İnvestment in Turkey for the World

In this years’ Istanbul Finance Submit; Vice President of the Executive Board and General Manager of Turkish Airlines, Temel Kotil stated that Turkey or Europe don’t have a new airport and the third airport project will be the best investment in Turkey for the world, also will lead to other opportunities for investing in Turkey. Kotil says air travel is a major part of the economy, Gdp’s 3.4 percent is related to aviation and tourism and this number is around 6 percent in Turkey, He also mentioned that aviation in Turkey developing faster than the other countries. He says, they have the largest international network all around the world with their 40.000 employees and around 300 very good conditioned planes. Domestic passenger number has increased from 5 million to 48 million, this shows the big success on aviation that Turkey has. Despite the fact that airports in Turkey are not as big as other countries’ airport, Kotil says, they are better for having more destination points than them. He also underlines that Turkish Airlines is the strongest airline company in Africa and growing middle class of Africa has an important value for Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines started new flights to Mogadishu and Somali 4 years ago and even though there is poverty, they made some noticable gains. Right now ticket sales in Africa of Turkish Airlines are more than 10.000 According to Kotil this project will be the best project ever. And experts state that this project will not be a good for only aviation, it will also reveals new opportunities for domestic and foreign investors. Lands and properties in Turkey around the project are keep getting valuable therefore this project will also have a good impact on Turkish real estate sector.

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