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The Gulf Region Is Coming to Invest In Turkey

The Gulf Region Is Coming to Invest In Turkey

The event of “Turkish Housing Industry Meets Investors from the Gulf Region” is started on Monday the 12th of October in Besiktas, Istanbul. Companies from the Gulf Region are attending the event to collaborate with Turkish companies and review the new opportunities for investing In Turkey. With the partnership of Cityscape Global Dubai, It will bring 50 companies from Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Dubai together. Host of the event KONUTDER’s Chairman Ömer Faruk Çelik stated that they want to get together with Gulf investors and make some profitable associations for the Turkish Real Estate sector. Çelik also underlined the fact that Gulf trading habits are different from Turkey’s and they need Gulf investors’ suggestions to make better collaborations. The event is held in Çırağan Palace and will end on Wednesday the 14th of October.

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