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Invest In Turkey, Paradise of Halal Tourism

Invest In Turkey, Paradise of Halal Tourism

When Turkey reaches the aimed halal tourism earnings, it will achieve to have its 2023 targeted revenue of 50 billion USD, showing another reason to invest in Turkey.
Halal tourism is an important sub-category of Turkey’s tourism, which is oriented for Muslim people who are loyal to the rules of their religion. There are about 350 halal tourism facilities around the world and 160 of these facilities are located in Turkey. The prospective value of this sector is 200 billion dollars for the next five years. Arabic countries’ attention has always been on Turkish real estate to invest for holiday homes. Now it is also taking the attention of the investors from Arabic countries for making other types of investment in Turkey and halal tourism is one of the primary preferences for these investors.
Hotels that are in the scope of halal tourism don’t serve alcohol; have places of worship and separate all the social facilities for men and women separately.


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