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Make an Investment in Turkey, the Third Most Searched Country

Make an Investment in Turkey, the Third Most Searched Country

Turkey’s value doesn’t stop rising. United States’ largest tourism and promotion web site, “Skift” shared the results of a research done with the association of US’s well-known research institute Bloom Consulting. The result shows that among 1 billion online tourism related searches on the World Wide Web; Turkey ranked the third most searched country. Once again it is proven that making an investment in Turkey is a smart and beneficial move.
Turkey followed Spain and Italy in the rankings. The two countries are sharing the first and second rank in world tourism related searches. However in all searches that include the keyword “visit” Turkey has the first place. The search covers the export and investment activities, tourism, talent and national image subjects.
One of the Turkish brokers in Washington, Gorkem Kursunlu shared her opinion on the research; Kursunlu stated that the power and importance of Turkish tourism should not be ignored and the outcome of the investments which are made by the ministry has led the Country to this high rank.
The estimated number of the tourists who visited Turkey in 2014 was 42 million and the result was 36 billion dollars of contribution to the country’s economy. These numbers also shows that Turkey has become the 6th most visited country in the world. Tukey’s success continued in the first three quarters of 2015, 33 million tourists have already visited Turkey this year. Therefore Turkish properties in touristic districts are becoming much more valuable day by day and majorly chased by investors to become part of one of the most profitable Investment Countries in the world.


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