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Turkish Property Sales Haven’t Stop Increasing in November

Turkish Property Sales Haven’t Stop Increasing in November

In November, Turkish Property sales to foreigners have increased 25,6% compared to same time period of 2014.
TURKsat has announced its Turkish real estate report for November. According to the report, the number of general property sales was 104.098 in October and in November this number have reached to 106.008. As always Istanbul is in the leader position with 20.082 property sales and has 18,9% of the share from all sales. Ankara follows Istanbul with 11.368 sales and Izmir has the third place with 6.522 sales. 
495 of the properties in Turkey was purchased by Iraqis, Saudi Arabians have purchased 226 property, and Kuwaitis follows Saudi Arabians with 193 property. It is also appears that conflicts between Turkey and Russia, didn’t stop Russian nationals to buy 136 property in Turkey.

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