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Istanbul New Airport: Turkey opens doors to World’s new hub

The “world's new hub” was officially opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday 29th October, the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic.

President Erdogan announced that the airport would be a model to the world in terms of its architecture, construction, operation, and finance.

The ceremony was attended by world’s leaders such as the presidents of Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cypr Detail

Economy and Property investment in Turkey


Turkey had quite a stable economy for many years has been facing a number of political, economic and financial crises in the last few years and is now adapting with the devaluation of its currency “Turkish lira”. Although this recent major crisis in lira has turned out to be a nightmare for the economy, it also brought along great opportunities for people who like to invest in real estate and especially those who would like toDetail

The Limit for Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment Decreased to 250.000 USD

The Turkish Government have recently implemented new laws governing Turkish Citizenship. the amendments to the original laws, Article 20 of the Governing Regulations of Turkish Citizen code was instituted on 12.01.2017 .and with the new amendment published on September 18 with the Article no 106 the minimum limit for Turkish Citizenship by investing in a property decreased to 250.000 USD from 1 million USD.

Regarding this new amendment;

One Third Share of the Third Bridge Claimed To Be Sold

One Third Share of the Third Bridge Claimed To Be Sold

It has been claimed that 33% share of the Third Bridge or Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, operation right of which belongs to Italian Astaldi and Turkish IC Ictas companies, is going to be sold. According to what the Italian newspaper, II Messaggero wrote, Astaldi company is preparing to get offers for selling its share which is 33%.

Such news were published in 2017, too and it was claimed that Chinese woul Detail

Canary Wharf Station

Sitting below a five-storey development - Crossrail Place, the new Canary Wharf station connects this key business region to the City of London, the West End and Heathrow. Also, it acts as a bridge between two communities - Canary Wharf Estate and Poplar to the north.

The 250 metre-long station is enveloped by the water of West India Quay dock. Designing a station to be built 18 metres below water level required significant design challenges but has resulted in Detail

Reha Medin Global CEO Tamer Çiçekçi states overall outlook is positive

Tamer Çiçekçi - Reha Medin Global CEO - has been featured on the november issue of Glober, stating a positive outlook on the construction and real estate in Turkey, especially in Istanbul.



Turkish Citizenship Made Easy

According to the amendment published on the date of 12.01.2017 at Official Gazette, Article 20 of Governing Regulations of Turkish Citizenship Code was changed.

To the new amendment, Turkish citizenship shall be given to the foreigner who fulfill one of the conditions below:

  • If the foreigner makes at least 2 million USD fixed investment to Turkey
  • If the foreigner buys a real estate in the amount of at Detail

Asian Side Property Prices of Istanbul Exceeded European Side

With the support of Is Bank, The New Property-Residence Price Index for January was prepared by Reidin and Gyoder. When compared, it was noticed that the prices for branded properties increased 0.48 percent compared to December 2015. It was also noticed that when comparing to the same period last year, the prices increased by 8.84 percent. The price increase on the Asian side (0.57) has topped the increase on the European side (0.42). The increase in the prices were noticed as, 0.30 Detail

Turkish Property Sales Haven’t Stop Increasing in November

In November, Turkish Property sales to foreigners have increased 25,6% compared to same time period of 2014.
TURKsat has announced its Turkish real estate report for November. According to the report, the number of general property sales was 104.098 in October and in November this number have reached to 106.008. As always Istanbul is in the leader position with 20.082 property sales and Detail

Turkish Real Estate Market is Expanding and Increasing the Number of Combined Projects

As the Turkey’s economy grows, demands of the property buyers are changing and leading to different preferences in Turkish Real Estate market.
People no-longer satisfy with just a housing projects, they also want more functional projects that include facilities, residences and malls. Construction companies acknowledge this fact and focus on designing combined projects to meet these demands. The most de Detail

Minister of Economy Suggests That Turkish Property Buyers Should be Given Citizenship

Turkey’s Minister of Economy, Nihat Zeybekçi made a suggestion for giving citizenship to foreigners who buy a significant amount of Turkish property
In his speech, Zeybekçi mentioned that the foreign property purchaser in Turkey adds up to 4 – 5 billion dollars each year and it is possible to get this number up to 10 billion dollars. To achieve this Turkey can offer citizenship rights to foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey.

New Agreements between Turkey and Qatar Indicates Positive External Affairs

Qatar Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Sani and Turkish President Erdogan got together at the first meeting of High Strategic Committee that in scope of “Establishing High Strategic Committee Related to Common Accord between Turkish Republic and Qatar”. Both leader talked about external affairs and signed 15 agreements that will set a new future for both Nations.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkey agreed with Qatar on lifting the visas between two countries. Also Detail

Make an Investment in Turkey, the Third Most Searched Country

Turkey’s value doesn’t stop rising. United States’ largest tourism and promotion web site, “Skift” shared the results of a research done with the association of US’s well-known research institute Bloom Consulting. The result shows that among 1 billion online tourism related searches on the World Wide Web; Turkey ranked the third most searched country. Once again it is proven that making an investment in Turkey is a smart and beneficial move Detail

The Turkish Real Estate Market is Moving More Than Ever After the Elections

The Turkish real estate market has gained noticeable momentum after the re-elections on the 1st of November. Foreign investors are no longer on hold and are now in search of new Investment opportunities in Turkey.
The outcome of the election is stability in economy and politics of the country; therefore hesitating foreign investors have turned their head back to Turkey, especially for their real estate investments. Other than the rise in stocks, US Dollar has seen the Detail

The Fourth Quarter of 2015 will be Beneficial for Real Estate in Turkey

Real estate experts of Turkey have evaluated the state of real estate in Turkey in the third quarter of 2015 and shared their comments on the upcoming changes in the sector.
Experts indicate that the cumulative changes in mortgage loans have increased 5 percent compared to the same period last year and noticeable changes in loans will be apparent in the forthcoming months. In the third quarter of 2015, mortgaged housing sales have increased 23 percent; the total housin Detail

The General Election Is Concluded and Turkey is back on the Rise, As Well As the Real Estate in Turkey

On November 1st Turkey has held a re-election and the result has been in favor of Justice and Development Party (AKP). The result will settle the country’s political and economic environment; therefore major inland markets such as real estate in Turkey will be radically affected by this outcome.
Experts stated that people who have invested in Turkish real estate between June 7th and November 1st have made a huge profit and added; the current sett Detail

The Re-Election Will Have a Positive Impact on Real Estate in Turkey

Recently decreased sales of real estate in Turkey are expected to increase drastically after the re-election on the 1st of November. 
TURKSTAT’s data shows that sales of houses has decreased in September when compared to the previous month and at the same time period last year caused by uncertainties in the political environment of Turkey. After the election every issue will be put in order and the uncertainties will be cleared rapidly. This will positively Detail

Invest In Turkey, Paradise of Halal Tourism

When Turkey reaches the aimed halal tourism earnings, it will achieve to have its 2023 targeted revenue of 50 billion USD, showing another reason to invest in Turkey.
Halal tourism is an important sub-category of Turkey’s tourism, which is oriented for Muslim people who are loyal to the rules of their religion. There are about 350 halal tourism facilities around the world and 160 of these facilities are located in Turkey. The prospective value of this sector is 2 Detail

The Gulf Region Is Coming to Invest In Turkey

The event of “Turkish Housing Industry Meets Investors from the Gulf Region” is started on Monday the 12th of October in Besiktas, Istanbul. Companies from the Gulf Region are attending the event to collaborate with Turkish companies and review the new opportunities for investing In Turkey. With the partnership of Cityscape Global Dubai, It will bring 50 companies from Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Dubai together. Host of the event KONUTDER’s Chairman Ömer Faruk Detail

Research Shows: The Expectancy of Increase In Prices of Houses For Sale In Turkey Has Reached 82 Percent

According to data of ING Bank’s “Housing Prices and Loans Research 2015”, the rate of people who think the prices of houses for sale in Turkey will rise in the next 12 months has reached 82 percent. Last year in the same period of time the percentage was 72. Research shows that among 15 countries, Turkey has the highest expectancy rate of increase in housing prices. 55 percent of the participants from Turkey think that reduced interest rates will affect the properties in Turkey and the Detail

TURKSTAT Says: Russians Prefer Antalya to Buy Turkish Properties

According to TURKSTATS’ data, most of the Turkish Properties in Antalya is purchased by Russians to spend their holidays. Antalya comes second in Turkish real estate sales to foreigners after Istanbul. Alanya and Konyaaltı are the most preferred district in Antalya to buy Turkish properties. Foreigners prefer 1+1 and 2+1 luxurious residences especially in Sarısu, Gürsu, Hurma, and Liman. Russians are the majority of buyers in the district, followed by Kazakhstanis. Real estate expert Yulia Detail

General Manager of Turkish Airlines: Third Airport Will Be the Best İnvestment in Turkey for the World

In this years’ Istanbul Finance Submit; Vice President of the Executive Board and General Manager of Turkish Airlines, Temel Kotil stated that Turkey or Europe don’t have a new airport and the third airport project will be the best investment in Turkey for the world, also will lead to other opportunities for investing in Turkey. Kotil says air travel is a major part of the economy, Gdp’s 3.4 percent is related to aviation and tourism and this number is around 6 percent in Tu Detail

Net Profit of Turkish Real Estate Keep Rising With Arab Interest

As the living conditions keep geting better, the desire to live in Turkey geting more popular among foreigners. In 2012 mew real estate law passed and had a positive impact on the Turkish real estate sales. In rapidly growing cities there is a salient increase in real estate sales. Last year 123.000 properties were built in comparison to need of 100.000. Other than that Investors from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Germany and England have bought 37.000 apartments in total. Especially Detail

Turkey house prices rise over 7 pct in May 2015

Prices of new houses in Turkey increased by 7.35 percent in May compared with the same month the previous year, according to a new house price index released on Saturday. New home prices in Turkey increased 0.76 percent in May from the previous month, according to a report prepared by Garanti Bank in collaboration with Reidin-GYODER - an association of real estate investment companies. The Turkish Composite House Price index, which measures the rate of price variations of Turkish single-fa Detail

We are happy to invite you to the 22nd European Real Estate Society Conference to be held on the June 24-27, 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey

The conference promises an impressive venue next to central district of Istanbul, a broad range of topics pertaining to global real estate issues and a diverse audience comprising of academics and practitioners from Europe and around the world. Istanbul, one of the largest cities in the world, once the focal point of the worldwide trading, and capital city for Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman Empires, has been in transition throughout its more than four thousand years of history. Istanbul as the c Detail

House sales to foreigners increases 43 percent in Turkey

House sales to the foreigners have increased 43.4 percent in a yearly period, reaching 19,880 as of the end of April. According to the information from the Turkish Statistical Institute, house sales to the foreigners increased 18.9 percent in April, reaching 1,847 while it was 1,554 in the same month of last year. House sales peaked in April. Property sales to foreigners increased 17.7 percent compared with the same period of the last year, reaching 6,115 from 5,194 in 2014. Antalya and Detail

Istanbul house prices up 29 percent in March

The House Price Index for Turkey (HPI) increased 18.56 percent in March on an annual basis with the increase in Istanbul 28.76 percent, according to data released yesterday by the Turkish Central Bank. While unit price, which is calculated by house value per square meter, was TL 1,342.23 ($506.40) per square meter in March 2014, it increased to TL 1,569.79 per square meter in March 2015. The price in Istanbul increased 2.69 percent while the price increase in Ankara and İzmir was 1.95 perce Detail

In Istanbul, Beşiktaş's soil is worth more than gold

While the square meter prices for residences in certain district of Istanbul are on the constant increase, Beşiktaş, a district in the European side of the city by the seaside, has become one of the districts with the highest price increase. Istanbul has always been a center of attraction throughout history, as the increasing population and many residential projects are causing the residence prices to increase. Istanbul which qualifies for the saying "paved with gold" is becoming more attra Detail

Turkey: House sales up 15% in February

In overall sales, Istanbul has maintained its top spot with almost 19 percent of sales. Homes sales in February were up over 15 percent, the Turkish Statistical Institute said in a statement on Tuesday. The surge came after a drop of 1.7 percent in January. Housing sales in Turkey surged nationwide in February after a decrease of 1.7 percent in January, According to the institute’s house sale statistics, 95,021 houses changed hands in Turkey in February. "An increase in MORTGAGE Detail

Al-Bassam Group to invest in Turkish real estate

Ziad Al Bassam, the CEO of the Saudi Arabian-based Al-Bassam Group, has announced that the group and Sumou Holding will launch a new fund of TL 2 billion ($750 million) in Saudi Arabia in order to invest in Turkish real estate. Delivering a speech at the International Investment Summit, Al Bassam said that they intend to work with public companies, including Emlak Konut Real Estate Investment Partnership, Istanbul Public Housing Corporation (KİPTAŞ) and the Housing Development Administratio Detail